Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Bless my partner’s heart, he is the sweetest man. Once I was back from my trip, he tried his best to make my landing as soft as possible. The first weekend after I was back it was a trip to Hilversum where one of the most beautiful buildings in the world is located (at least according to Travel & Leisure). I think mother nature was making it easy for me as well – the weather was glorious that day. The trees still looked lifeless but the flowers – wild ones – were coming out beautifully.


Similar to the Newseum in Washington, DC, this was a museum all about Dutch media with lots of interactive displays and tons of entertainment for children. They even have the same recording room set-up where wanna-be newscasters can do some practicing. Same as with the local Science Center (or any one of the great museums here), it’s bound to spur a lot of inspiration for young minds. I couldn’t help but see the green-eyed monster that day as I wish I had places like it growing up.


Same as with the exterior, the interior was an eyeful; nearly every corner inside was just asking to be photographed. By the time we finished with the exhibits it was past lunchtime so we got some Indonesian(-inspired) satay from the pretty Grand Cafe in the atrium and ate out in the terrace under the beautiful weather. Sadly, the food looked much better than it tasted, the rice was too dry for words.


It really was back to regular programming as I even found myself somewhat comforted by the sound of Dutch coming from the TV. It felt good to be back in familiar surroundings. While Amsterdam pales in comparison with a lot of things Parisian, the adage there’s no place like home still holds true. Magnum PI notwithstanding.

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