PARIS | The Trouble With Hello

This is my very last Paris entry, I promise.

It all seemed like a sweet dream, five days of carefree enjoyment in one of the best cities in the world. Living like there was no tomorrow was heady and quite easy to get used to, so it was with a bit of difficulty that I finally said my fond farewell. I was soon on a plane and back to normal life – no more grand restaurants, no more swank shops, no more Paul and Laduree.

To cap it all off with finality, here are some random pictures in Paris that I thought were just too nice to pass up…

Eiffel Tower under attack
Street vendor’s sign
Eiffel Tower reflection on studded Eiffel Tower souvenirs
St Jacques Tower
Empty chairs by the Tuileries
Renoir’s Portrait de deux Fillettes
Rodin’s The Kiss
Place de la Concorde
Eiffel Tower close-up
Building near Champs de Mars
Montmartre postcard
Breakfast at Laduree
Passing time at Musee d’Orsay
Paris skyline from Au Printemps

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