YSL | The Most Expensive Coffee In Paris

Now who knew there was a coffeeshop in Yves St Laurent! It certainly wasn’t on their web site.


So what does it take to get coffee within the lofty confines of YSL? 


Not much, really. All it took was one bag’s worth.
And at least a five-digit credit line. (: 


But why take just one…(: 


And that’s the way to make an exit.  


It was a fantastic trip and if I don’t find a job anytime soon, most likely the last one I’ll be doing this year. (: Thank you to my unbelievably generous friends for a memorable journey!
And so long to Paris. You’ve been cold and sunny, delicious, luxurious, and over-the-top. 
You were just perfect.

2 thoughts on “YSL | The Most Expensive Coffee In Paris

  1. This made my day. LOL!
    Next to Jologs and Joel Robuchon 🙂
    Thanks a lot Gerry! Paris wouldn't have been the same without you!


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