Au Petit Sud Ouest | Paris

In a city with over 9000 restaurants, you’d expect it’d be easy to find a few good ones close to a world-famous monument like the Eiffel Tower. Oddly, it didn’t turn out so simply. After a surprisingly long search, I was able to find Au Petit Sud-Ouest, close to the Champs de Mars. Though not very promising at first – the decor wasn’t too exciting, and I was scratching my head why there were toasters on the tables – the reviews were bordering on orgasmic so it had to be good somehow. Plus, it was number 22 on Tripadvisor – that put it in the top one-half percentile in the city!

Welcome to the house that Donald built! We started with smoked duck salad, then foie gras with truffle sauce, to duck cassoulet, to broiled duck breast. I imagined they’d have duck-infused ice cream but I didn’t see any…too much for the local palate I guess.
Inasmuch as the French consider foie gras to be part of their gastronomic heritage, I’m sure animal rights activists would have a fit. This place was all about duck, duck, duck – fattened liver especially. After reading up on how it’s prepared I can’t say I blame them. For liver though they certainly weren’t cheap.
We had so much duck that my two friends who are both physicians ended up being quack doctors (:
Despite all the controversy, the food was delicious, and the admiration heaped on the restaurant seemed to be well-deserved. As for the toasters, turned out they were to ensure that the bread, used as a complement to the richness of the duck liver, got heated to our preference. Mystery solved! After another whole day of amazing discoveries capped deliciously by some popular French cuisine, it was time to waddle home and call it another successful day.
It wouldn’t be long before we were counting the hours to the end of our amazing Paris adventure.

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