BATEAUX MOUCHE | Under The Sky Of Paris

Through sheer blind luck, we found ourselves in the area of Pont de l’Alma. I knew the best way to cruise the Seine was through the original bateaux mouche, and by coincidence where should their port be but there.


Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long to set off as we all soon boarded the bateaux to experience a different perspective to the City of Light. Despite the very touristy atmosphere – the pre-taped tour commentary blaring on the speakers and the wacky Korean family next to us were not helping – all I needed to do was imagine Juliette Greco or Yves Montand singing in my head as we headed up and down the historic Seine. If I had a choice, I would get rid of that old-school commentary and simply give people a hand-out explaining the important points on the tour, with only a french accordion playing in the background. That would have been perfect.

Life is just more interesting with background music so best to play Ms Greco while slowly scrolling down to cruise the Seine.

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