Déli-cieux | Paris

For years I’d been telling anyone who planned on visiting Paris to go to the top of Printemps as part of their to-do list. I’m sure I’d read it in Lonely Planet or some such publication but oddly, this was something I’d yet to do myself. After a few stops and starts, and a little bit of getting lost (because Printemps actually covers three huge buildings!), we finally got to see what all the talk was about.

After a whole morning of successful shopping it was the perfect time for a pitstop – and an impromptu celebration! This marked the first time, in my recollection at least, that I enjoyed a glass of champagne – this being France I’m sure it was real champagne because anything else would be plain wrong – with a properly done burger and a side of yummy french fries. They also had some satisfying panna cotta good enough for me to reminisce about Italy and Greece. I swear, the regular food in France was so much better than in Holland, it made me cry.

After telling everyone else about it and finally seeing it for myself, thank goodness I turned out to be right! The view was spectacular, just as good as up the Eiffel I imagine, and the cloudless sky on a near-perfect spring day just icing on the panna cotta. Though there was still a bit of a chill in the wind, it felt great laying out under the bright sun in the open terrace. We did still sit more comfortably inside though – all the better to enjoy another atypical French afternoon holiday. As far as rooftop restaurants go, with this place it was hard to go wrong. The view, as well as the food, proved to be as delicious as anywhere else.

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