Printemps Paris Haussmann

Due mostly to lack of time, one thing I never got to do over the first two occasions I’d been to Paris was shop. With my visiting friends glad and willing to contribute to Europe’s ailing economy, I made sure their schedule included a trip to world-famous Au Printemps – all three buildings of it. I myself should have dropped by there a long time ago – as I soon found out, it was one dreamy-looking store!

Surely there was an Asian convention in town as you couldn’t wave a chopstick without hitting one (of us)! We made up the majority of shoppers and, as evidenced by all the shoulder-slung bags I saw, most were clearly there for the high-end shop experience. It was a bit funny seeing some carrying gigantic Chanel bags like sherpas up a mountain but it certainly gives credence to this news item that came out recently. I’m beginning to believe now really is the Asian Century.

Not only was it my first time in the ethereal confines of Au Printemps, it was also the first time for me to try the deliciousness that is Ladurée. How could I have ever missed these! After inhaling a batch of different flavors of macarons, we went back for seconds, and each time there was a queue to buy them. I later found out that there was another Ladurée outlet in the same complex, as well as familiar brands like Hediard, La Maison du Chocolat, and others that I would have loved to try. From thousand-Euro handbags to clothes to chocolates, it was just luxury at every turn. Oh, if I only had the money!

Ironically, the name Au Printemps happens to be French for ‘in the Spring’. Given the frigid weather outside, it literally looked like this was the closest we would get to enjoying our ‘Paris in the Spring’. This experience turned out to be just as beautiful. A giant flower-covered bunny should be enough to prove that.

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