Either my vision’s getting worse or my eight-year old camera’s close to retirement – the pictures I’ve been taking lately are, increasingly, not coming up to snuff. My second visit to the Red Mill seemed to prove this as I had to take the same photo a few times before I got the result I wanted. I can only hope it’s because of the extreme cold.
In any case, it was a nice, albeit frigid, sunny day and it was great to see the old girl again. Despite being around more than 120 years old, if the crowd outside was an indication, she’s still as popular as ever.


Unfairly or not, ever since the Baz Luhrmann movie came out twelve years ago (was it only twelve years ago), it’s the first thing that comes to mind every time I see this place — followed by the image of Christina Aguilera wailing like a wounded cat in Lady Marmalade, a part of which by the way I always hear as Frito Lady Marmalade.

We didn’t get to watch any of the shows but if it’s anything like the amazing Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco, sign me up! Sadly, from what I’ve read online that appears to be far from the case, though who knows, maybe I’ll be in the mood for some cheesy entertainment next time I’m in town. As a form of tribute to the old girl, here’s a considerably younger Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor and, in my opinion, the best part in the movie, Moulin Rouge!.


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