Paris Easter

The first morning of our Paris trip, for better or worse, happened to coincide with Easter Sunday.
Our initial plan of having breakfast in nearby, quaint boulangeries wasn’t off to a good start. In fact, the few businesses that were usually open on weekends found good reason not to be. The streets near the hotel were eerily empty and everything, well nearly, was closed. The freezing cold notwithstanding, walking through the quiet streets felt exhilarating. 

After traveling a bit in the direction of Champs Elysees, we eventually lucked out and saw a place that was open and ready for business.
Thankfully, Paris is an embarrassment of riches and even on a weekend holiday there were some places that weren’t only open, they were free of charge. How’s that for a good deal! The downside was half the city seemed to have the same ideas as we had. Starting with the imposing Eiffel with its never-ending lines of people (we didn’t go up, thankfully), through the crowded Moulin Rouge and insanely crowded Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, ending with the mass of humanity descended on the Champs Elysees.
It was an Easter Sunday for the ages.
My recollections of Holy Week in the Philippines and the accompanying feeling of relief when that part of the year was over were now glossed over by the thought that I’d definitely come a long way from that life, and fewer places are figuratively as far as, or literally more beautiful, than Paris. The Internet certainly would have saved my mental state back then though.

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