I can’t even remember the last time I was in Brussels, it must surely have been a while ago. My partner and I actually planned to drive over a few months ago so we could pay a visit to the Herge Museum just outside the city, but for logistical reasons that plan went by the wayside. Any visit to the Belgian capital for me wouldn’t be complete at all without stopping by the temple of Tintin, the Belgian comic book hero of my impressionable youth.

I still remember feeling wide-eyed the first time I saw a Tintin comic book. The colors were so alive and the drawings seemed to be seamless and perfect and approachable. How a character so far removed from my own (lack of) experiences back then could have an effect on me says a lot about the smarts and amazing storytelling talent of Herge.

I had my eyes on a replica of the rocket – I wanted to take a picture of it but got warned too early when I started taking photos in the store – that was used in the Trip to the Moon series. I already knew where I would put it once I brought it home but try as I did it was just something that didn’t feel right. Patience, as with absence, makes the heart grow fonder – it would have to wait for the perfect time. As for now, I was content with getting my fix of the Tintin-man himself. Hopefully things change next time I’m back in Brussels-town.


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