Maison Dandoy | Brussels

We arrived in Brussels early enough for breakfast, and actually beat most of the restaurants opening for the day.

Walking around past the few that were, it was hard to miss this one shop’s classic exterior and windows covered with some good-looking baked goodies.

Maison Dandoy seems to be an institution in Brussels and while on the way to the little-boy-that-could, we couldn’t help but stop by for some hot coffee and a quick Belgian waffle…and to get away from the cold! Hard to think that Belgium being more south than Holland seemed to actually feel colder.
The Maison is best-known for their Speculoos, a type of crunchy biscuit I’d first heard about in Holland. Didn’t get to try some but I’m sure anything with butter and brown sugar is as sinfully delicious as everything else.

As for the little-boy-that-could, he’s usually dressed in some kind of costume in whatever the occasion called for, but surprisingly, given the below zero temperature, all he had on was his birthday suit. Thankfully, his little pipi didn’t seem to have a problem. (:

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