Scheltema | Brussels

Gotta hand it to the Belgians, they sure do know their mussels. This Brasserie in Brussels ranks as one of the best seafood experiences I’ve had in recent memory.

I let out a sigh of relief and felt a bit of excitement as we walked through the door – it had an old-world, homey cafe atmosphere with lots of wood, banquette chairs, and white apron-clad waiters. It felt authentic without being stuffy. Loved it!

We got the fresh oysters to start, and naturally mussels, which came swimming in a delicious soup of white wine. With a plateful of thick Belgian fries on the side it was a satisfying experience all around.

Suffice it to say, the overall experience was fantastic. Scheltema actually was our second choice as by circumstance the first one, a mere ten meters away, was already booked. It’s a testament to their food that I didn’t even wonder what the other restaurant would have been like – they were that good. Glad to know there’s at least one place I can go to if I’m back in the Belgian capital.

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