ENVY | Amsterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I must be losing touch as I never imagined a very early night on a weekday would be booked solid, but here we were. After being turned down for dinner at Bussia (they were full and we had no reservations), we were advised to walk a bit further up the 9 Straatjes to a place I’d never heard of, Envy. Turned out to be quite sinful indeed. A three-hour dinner will never be a normal thing for me but on the rare occasion when it does happen, it more often than not ends quite memorably.


All four of us ended up getting the five-course tasting menu made up of small tapas-type bites of varying meat and seafood. Well-executed and beautifully-plated. Turns out the kitchen boss came from a three-star Michelin resto and set off to create his own space, and it’s not hard to believe he took a lot of notes along the way. It may well be because they were doing brisk business that night, I think it would be a bit more beneficial for everyone that dinner not stretch to three hours though – it was a school night after all. Who knew a deadly sin would be so time-consuming. (:


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