THE PANCAKE BAKERY 2013 | Amsterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Pannenkoeken, or Dutch pancakes, are one of the (very) few culinary adventures available in this country, and having lived here for so long, I’ve acquired a tiny list of places to bring visiting friends to should they want to try, and at least happily check off their to-do list. One of these places has no doubt about their stature in the local pannenkoeken arena proclaiming to one and all about their having ‘the best Pancakes in town!‘. While I’m sure there’s a fair bit of bluster involved, given we had to wait half an hour in the frigid cold to get seated, I think their marketing chutzpah is paying off – for a Monday afternoon, they were jumping.

The service is decent by local standards and the menu offered more than just the traditional choices found in most other places. I got the ‘Mexican’ pancake which is as far from being classically Dutch (or even Mexican) as one can get but by the last bite it was decidedly worth it. I’ve yet to actually see a Mexican restaurant in these parts so who knows, when someone else visits I may just try it again.


3 thoughts on “THE PANCAKE BAKERY 2013 | Amsterdam

  1. I don't if it's still there or not but there is a good Mexican restaurant on Utrechtsestraat called Alfonso. It's close to the Rembrandtplein if I remember right. It's not like the TexMex food here but it was still very good.


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