This hotel is out to impress! Friendly doormen that greet you with a smile, welcome drinks, (very) early check-in, and a chatty, personal host (surely we’re no longer in Holland) who guided my friends to and around the hotel and their room, which in itself was, in my eyes, quite a stunner. If I hadn’t known any better, the Conservatorium was acting like a Ritz-Carlton! The design elements, the Eames work chair and the natural wood floors just won me over.


My friends had reserved a two-level duplex that had a large bed in the upper level, and a sofabed and work area in the living room below. Wish I was able to take decent pictures of the bathrooms but I couldn’t do them justice no matter how much I tried, they were that beautiful — and yes, for a non-suite they had two bathrooms! If I had to criticize at all, it would be that the room faced the Stedelijk Museum across the street which like the rest of the museums in Museum Square was unfortunately undergoing some renovation work.But as if to make up for it, the hotel supplied a free fruit platter, a dish of chocolates, and a Delft ceramic of the iconic Dutch boy and girl kissing. Amazing first impression and top marks, Conservatorium. You went above and beyond, and that’s just music to my ears.


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