My first real job after college was with the reservations office at Philippine Airlines. I remember meeting my fellow new-hires who surprisingly came from some of the best schools in the country, who lived in exclusive, gated villages, had famous last names, and who one way or another like me found themselves working in of all places, a call center. It wasn’t by any stretch my chosen field but back then I had no inkling what I wanted to be and was lucky to even have a job at all. My career path wasn’t so much a path as it was a winding desert trail — constantly changing with the elements.

I chanced on this bittersweet video that sort of brought me back to the life I led back then. It’s a news report about the booming call center business in present-day Philippines and I couldn’t help but see my old life in these young people that are now part of that industry, trying on their own to survive, and somehow hopefully find their true professional calling. I wish them all the luck.

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