Westfries Museum | Hoorn

Thank god for our museum cards – without them we would have been bored silly doing nothing to pass the time away in Hoorn. Add to that the unbearable cold and we would have been frozen stiff, as well. I knew there was one other museum worth seeing and it was on our way back to picking up our car from the garage. So off we went to the Westfries.

There were two rooms that stood out not just from how large they were but also in how they were presented. If there were interior designers in the 1600s, these would be their showpiece rooms.
Lots of huge life-size paintings in one room that surely would have cost a fortune to commission, and another room complete with sailing ship replicas, sea maps, and sabres which would fit well as Captain Hook’s man cave.

It was a nice enough visit with a few surprises here and there, and the building itself was worth the effort though I’d have to say this is one of those museums that are worth going to only if you had money to spare and/or REALLY interested in local culture. It’s nothing different from Golden Age museums that are already seen in Amsterdam many times over, so on any other occasion or if I didn’t have my museum card, I would have dismissed it entirely. To be fair, it’s impressive in its own right and for a day out in beautiful Hoorn, I was glad we stopped by.

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