Museum of the 20th Century | Hoorn

The History Channel would love this place.
Storage Wars, American Pickers, Pawn Stars; you wouldn’t think these shows are usual TV fare here in Holland but surprisingly even basic cable has them. If any of these shows went to the Museum of the 20th Century, they would be spastic from excitement. It’s a huge building covering Dutch life from the last millennium and it had everything from the spartan 20s to the funky 70s, from classic furniture to a Michelle Pfeiffer commercial for Lux. It was every flea marketer’s dream.

The building it occupied used to be a prison and from the looks of it a nice one at that. Yet another great example of adaptive reuse common in this country. Looking more at the complex, I’m led to believe that crime, in the developed world at least, sometimes does pay.
For such a grand name, Museum of the 20th Century, I did expect a bit more – the exhibits could use a bit of modernizing as it looked very much like a giant warehouse inside. Given how broad the theme was, the concept was interestingly represented, but I think an update to the 21st century is a good idea.

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