D’Oude Waegh | Hoorn

It was time once again for the car’s yearly check-up – as legally mandated so it wasn’t really an option – so off we went at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m. to the small town of Hoorn. Since we had to wait a few hours for everything to be done, we cooled our heels at the only place that was open for breakfast. It wasn’t bad at all.

D’Oude Waegh dates back to 1609(!) and is the real deal as Grand Cafes go. It’s on the beautiful main square surrounded by other 17th century buildings. This was where they weighed cheese before it was sold at market – interestingly, after all these centuries the scales are still hanging from the ceiling.

And for the gigantic price of €2, we got a fairly large croissant, bread roll, ham, cheese, yogurt, and preserve. It’s even cheaper than in the States! Two orders of this, two cappuccinos, and two colas, the total was a little over €10. Coupled with the incredible history around us, it was the best two-hour breakfast I’ve had in a long time. Don’t know how they make money from this but it certainly beats an Egg McMuffin meal any day.

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