Today’s Lunch

Thanks to my partner, my food situation here has improved a bit as he was able to find two classic American staples from the Lidl store – I just wasn’t looking at the right places I guess. I really should learn to ask the grocery people more.
Was surprised to see hotdogs being sold here in glass bottles. Not really the ‘American Way’ but I’ll take it anyway.

Got to prepare two dogs, fried in butter and laid over oven-warmed hard rolls. With some ketchup it was just as good as in the States and surprisingly tasty – a surprise I’m sure I could attribute to my low expectations. Forgot to get some pickle relish though.
Strangely, even after both sandwiches I was still hungry so I opened up a new box of microwave popcorn – another first for myself over here and something I’d been searching for the longest time – and two and a half minutes later, viola!
It was an interesting lunch and I’m sure borderline healthy. Funny that Mcennedy seems to be some Scottish-Irish invention (a google check showed no one sharing that name), and their food isn’t manufactured here but actually made next door in Germany. Plus the company that sells them is part of a chain of discount grocery stores which means they’d cost more in any other store.
Cheap and filling – now that’s the American way!

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