NIEUWE KERK | Amsterdam

The not-so-new Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Dam Square has an ongoing exhibit on Native Americans and boy was it popular. It surprised me there was so much interest on something so non-Dutch, so non-European, especially considering the entry fee was €15. That’s certainly not cheap. Even those with museum cards were still charged €3.50. We were this close to getting tickets but after being told photos weren’t allowed, I nixed it. I really don’t understand the point of rules like these – what are they trying to protect exactly? We decided to go elsewhere but only after taking a few pics of the church.

I so wanted to get the Tintin in America comic book but at €13 it was too unreasonable. I remember getting these brand-new in Manila for less than half! Granted that was over twenty years ago but still.

The New Church isn’t actually new since it dates back to the 15th century. It’s huge, imposing, still beautiful, and in the center of everything. Seems the only thing it’s missing is religion. It’s interesting how that’s no longer a part of life for most people here – the New Church doesn’t even have any religious services and exists mainly as an exhibition center. Even more interesting, given it’s next-door to the Royal Palace, this is where Prince Willem-Alexander becomes KING Willem-Alexander in April. New Church, new king I suppose. Pretty historic event though I’m sure I won’t be there. I’m still reeling from my Sinterklaas experience last November and happy enough to miss all that people madness.


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