BouwBeurs 2013 Utrecht

If there’s one thing that gets me up in the morning, it’s a good old-fashioned construction fair.

Not really, but my partner who works in construction had tickets for the biggest industry event this year, and it was in Utrecht. Hadn’t been to Utrecht in a while so I decided to tag along. Not knowing what to expect, I tried to keep an open mind and thought to make a photo field trip out of it.

The exhibition center has seen better days, looking old in some areas and plenty of uninteresting, dated architecture in others. It may be time to get a new convention center, Utrecht. I tried my best not to be too expectant but sadly, it wasn’t anything like the travel fairs in the States where the energy level was higher – and usually with free drinks!

I was able to get in gratis via my partner’s company though if I had to I would have had to shell out €35. Thankfully, I didn’t as the whole affair was a bit underwhelming – a LEGO exhibit would’ve been fun. At least now I know what not to expect.

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