Snow White

Okay, I admit it, I’ve come to like snow again, especially if it’s on a Sunday morning.
When I still lived in Washington DC, I dreaded winters mainly because of the cold, white stuff – and there would always be lots of it. Once the first snowfall of the season came and the initial novelty had worn off, we all had to contend with the slush and sludge that lasted weeks. Walking over and around muddy ice quickly became tiresome, and it was hell on the dress shoes.
Well, it snowed here all night last night – about three inches worth – and we woke up to a nice, arctic landscape. It turned everything pure and white. It’s nothing compared to the three feet they had recently in the U.S. northeast, thankfully.

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I’m sure I’d feel differently if it were a Monday and I’d be going through this on my way to work. For now though, I’m happily savoring every moment.

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