Kennedy Space Center

Oh, to cheaply travel to space…
Wonder if it will happen in my lifetime.

The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral is only an hour away from Kissimmee so it was a given that we’d go see it. That, and the fact that my partner insisted. The scifi fan that I am, I was thrilled, plus this marked the first time on this trip where we both wanted to go to the same place! We left early and got there just after opening, and found the place nearly empty. Sweet!

Just past the turnstiles this is what greeted us. It’s amazing that in place of a sculpture garden, they have a rocket garden. Actual rockets! Pretty unique place.
It was the first time for me to see two back-to-back IMAX theaters where, in one of them, we got to see an awe-inspiring 3D film about the Hubble telescope that ought to be mandatory for all highschoolers. It was done so well I imagined I was actually traveling in space. It’s incredible what and how much is out there.
As a scifi fan, I can appreciate how important this all is and what it represents. Lots of modern history made in this part of the world, and the politics behind it all made for an interesting backstory. And there’s more as we haven’t even gone to the Spaceport yet.

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