BLONDIE’S | Universal Studios Florida

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

As a child I remember reading the thick Sunday edition of the Manila Bulletin and looking forward to the two-page comics section. Even then I saved the best for last – after I finished with the news and turned to the funnies, I came to rely on my favorites which included seeing what Dagwood Bumstead was up to. We lost touch when I left for the States (and stopped reading newspapers) so it’s been almost twenty years since I’d seen him. I’d forgotten all about his fascination with the ultimate sandwich until I came to Universal and saw this.


The sandwich my partner ordered is not Dagwood-huge but huge nonetheless. It took the two of us to actually finish the whole thing!


Have to say that nostalgia is a powerful thing. Sunday mornings have always had this calming effect on me and I think I know for the most part why. And thanks to the wonderful interwebs, I now get to see Dagwood everyday. It’s good to see you again, Dagwood, you haven’t changed at all!

Next, the International House of Pancakes!

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