THE THREE BROOMSTICKS | Universal Studios Florida

The Three Broomsticks turned out to be a a functioning dining area with few bells and whistles (apart from an animatronic warthog head) but the atmosphere was perfect for a quick Hogsmeade breakfast…and naturally butterbeer! Actually it’s the only place for food in Hogsmeade – since we were hungry it really wasn’t much of a decision.


And so here it was, the all-famous butterbeer. Diabetics beware – the first sip was like drinking whipped cream, it was incredibly sweet. After a few more, it started tasting like Sarsi or sarsaparilla. It took a bit to get used to but I did end up finishing it all.

No expense was spared with how they recreated the pub and it showed. Wish I was back there right now.

Next, comic nostalgia…

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