Off To See The Wizard

Welcome to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! This has to be the most popular attraction in Universal and the first one we went straight to once we got in. It was definitely worth the price of admission.
And as the sign said, we did respect the spell limits.

I was already impressed with the details and scope so far, and we hadn’t even seen Hogwarts Castle, yet! It’s where the main ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is – all five-minutes non-stop action. The sign at the entrance showed the waiting time was ten minutes, which apparently was just the right amount of time needed to leisurely walk over to the ride itself. On busy days, I can imagine people waiting hours in line.

I was only able to go on the Forbidden Journey, as I sensed my partner could only take so much ‘fantasy’, and knowing that he hated crowds we had to vamoose and see the rest of the park before it got too busy. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be back someday to go through the ‘forbidden’ experience again.

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