After deep contemplation, the idea of spending a minimum $400.00 (for two adults, not including parking and overpriced food) to go to Universal Studios (where there are actually two separate parks to choose from) and Walt Disney World (where there are four!) began to seem excessive. Of course, the costs add up the more parks you choose. Still I couldn’t leave without enjoying at least one – after all, what else is there to do in Orlando! Inasmuch as I wanted to mingle with Mickey, Belle, and Snow White, I opted to sit a spell instead with Harry Potter and the Hogwarts gang. Wanting to beat the (hopefully thin) crowd, we planned to be there before the 9 a.m. opening which we did, but found out that the doors were opened even earlier. Crap.

The excitement built up as we passed through Citywalk, and my inner child came out once we entered the amusement park itself.


The weather was just perfect which kept me wondering why January is considered low season. I definitely wasn’t complaining.


Thank goodness we went in January and on a weekday because I can’t imagine and wouldn’t want to be there any other time. And even more thankful as the weather could not have been any better. Even though I’m old enough to realize it’s all really just a business, I love how theme parks bring an escape to some sort of fantasy land, though, if I had to complain about something, it would be that we left too soon. My attraction to high-quality theme parks is balanced out only by my partner’s antipathy for any of them. Three hours of ‘fun’ was all he could take.
Oh well, maybe on the next trip.


Up next, Harry Potter…

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