Brunch | The Pearl

It was the perfect Sunday brunch.
While reading a bit about places to eat in Dade City, the lists I saw invariably had Pearl in the Grove on it. After looking them up online, it was hard to believe a restaurant this nice existed in the rural outskirts of a small city. White linen service, local ingredients, slow-cooked, and cheap (well, relatively). Sounded too good to be true.

It was mimosas as soon as we sat down though my partner changed to water when he realized it had champagne in it. More for me! The service was fantastic — and unheard of, for Dutch standards.

Two mimosas and a cleaned out plate later, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The food. The service. The atmosphere. And above all the price. Perfect for a leisurely Sunday. To eat like this in Amsterdam would have cost at least double, even triple, the price. Love how easy it is to go out to eat in the States. How I wish I could have brought this all back to Amsterdam with me.

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