PERKINS | Orlando

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Had my first taste of honest-to-goodness American diner (?) food in three years. Just around the corner and within walking distance was Perkins. It was still rush hour so I was glad we didn’t have to drive over but I found it funny we were the only ones on the sidewalks. Cars everywhere and no public transport in sight. First time for me to eat at Perkins which apparently is found in many parts of North America though I’d never ever heard of them when I was in DC.

My god, I miss these prices!

My partner’s parents were with us as well! And I could only imagine what they were thinking while looking at the menu. Best part of it was the last page dedicated to diners over 55 years old – that got a big laugh. Welcome to Florida, indeed.

The steak was a bit dry but some A1 sauce took care of that. Didn’t expect much from a $12.00 steak meal but to be honest it was better value for price than most steaks I’ve had in the Netherlands. Also had my first baked potato, onion rings, and sweet tea (!) in I can’t remember how long. I also couldn’t stop eating off of my partner’s seafood plate I didn’t even think of how I looked from his parent’s point of view, or the other diners for that matter. Oh well, day one complete.
Next stop, IHOP!

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