I’m Home Again! (Sort of…)

After spending most (if not all) of my productive years here, I’ll always consider the U.S. as my second home. So it was with mixed feelings that after a nine-hour flight and with little sleep the night before, we finally arrived in Orlando.
Got to the car rental company and received my re-introduction to good’ole American radio. Light Rock? Yes, thank you.


It was close to sundown when we arrived and got a great light show as a result.


And as much as I willed us to go straight to the hotel, everyone else wanted to drop by the local Walmart! It felt so weird and expected at the same time. I’d forgotten how big these Walmarts (or Targets, Costcos, Safeways, etc) can get. There is absolutely nothing like these in the Netherlands, not even close. I would have loved it more if I wasn’t physically and mentally out of it.


And in the process got re-introduced to another American staple.
So good to be back!


Next, a diner for dinner…

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