Abba Happy New Year!

When I was growing in the Philippines, we would have the strangest rituals for New Year’s…
We bought round fruits to display on the dinner table (they’re round so as to symbolize money).
We had to eat the same number of grapes as our age (can’t remember why this was necessary but it got increasingly difficult for the older members of the family).
We wore polka-dotted clothes (again, for money).
We bought queso de bola (it had to be round of course).
We put coins on all the window sills (so that money spirits will come into the house).
And then at the stroke of midnight, when the entire neighborhood has become a warzone from all the fireworks…
We open all the doors and windows (to let the good spirits in – presumably the bad spirits would have been driven away by all the noise).
We jump non-stop (so we can grow taller).
We bring out metal containers with coins and use them as rattles (to ward off any remaining evil spirits). 
Then we eat…yes, we eat at midnight. 
Anyway, I haven’t done any of these in years but I may resurrect the jumping ritual. Even with my 5’10” height I still feel like a hobbit over here.

2 thoughts on “Abba Happy New Year!

  1. Ain't that the truth. Pang Miss U ang height natin, pero duwende diyan sa bansang iyan. Still, enjoy naman pag dumadalaw diyan. 🙂


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