2012 | The Year That Was

Well, Christmas has quietly come and gone. Another year for the ages is about to end and with it, time to take stock of the past twelve months.

For one thing, it felt really short. In many cases weeks flew by and it seemed that another month was over before I realized. It was rough-going having been out of work for most of the year, but I was still lucky enough to be in some amazing places, and spend time with people who mattered. The year started ominously enough – my stint at the first local company I’d ever worked for ended in January, and I might add not by choice. Since I absolutely hated the job I suppose it was fortunate in a way. Despite that, it wasn’t long after that we were on a plane to Dubai thanks in huge part to our hosts-with-the-mosts, Nick and Mikko.
The trip marked the first time that I slept 150 meters high up and experienced the world from heights unseen.

We cruised the ‘fjords of the Middle East’ in Oman, and felt a taste for gold in Abu Dhabi.


And we lived it up Muscat-style. I can still feel the sand in my feet.


Not a bad way to spend a few days in winter. I can’t thank you enough, guys.


It wasn’t long after that spring arrived with still no job on the horizon — even interviews were rare. Thankfully, a dear friend came over to cheer up my unemployed ass. We went to the Dutch Disneyland, and boarded a cruise ship in Amsterdam harbor to watch a friend perform. Thank you for coming over, Lits!


Summer came — and with it a friend abruptly said goodbye. It was unfairly too sudden, Ernst, and I still miss you a lot.


A few months passed and I was STILL unemployed. Ugh. I was hoping the job market was past its winter and spring break but no such luck. Eerily, there was a time even my partner became unemployed as well. Did that cause some anxiety-filled nights! Thankfully, he was able to get back on the saddle after an easy two-month break. One would think I’d keep busy trying to get back in the workforce myself but thanks to a very understanding partner and a heaven-sent benefactor, I was able to live a couple of weeks like a one-percenter. I suppose somewhere in my wicked, miserable past, I must have done something good. Was able to see amazing mosques, cruise the Bosphorus, and go for a twirl with dervishes. Went to a library, and paid Mother Mary a visit
Revisited some old friends….


…was good to see you again, Mykonos. And magical Santorini with that unforgettable road to Katharos


Had breakfasts by the amazing Acropolis in Athens, an appointment with the sandal-man, and a date with Spondi.  We checked our future with the oracle at Delphi, and climbed the six remaining monasteries in Meteora…in the height of summer!


All thanks to Anthony! After four years of traveling the world you’re still not tired of me.

Then miracle of miracles, exactly seven months to the day I was finally able to get work. O, happy day! And it was at a company I’d been eyeing ever since I found out they were based here.


Absent any stress, it’s the easiest job I’ve ever had. If only it could last longer.
Despite the many ups and downs, I’d say it turned out to be a good year. Got to eat some amazing food…


…and reconnect with dear old friends visiting from the States.


This year ends coincidentally enough with my last day at work. Fingers crossed the chapter that follows isn’t too rough on the system. So was I better off this year than the last? Career-wise, not by any stretch of my wild imagination. However, if next year is anything close to this one I’ll be a happy-enough camper.

Here’s wishing a Happy and Fortuitous 2013 to us all!

4 thoughts on “2012 | The Year That Was

  1. … I have always wondered “how do you solve a problem like Umali?” But you're climbing every mountain, fording every stream, and most importantly, following every rainbow! (all around the world) So problem solved! Happy New Year!


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