Was reading CNN and came across this article about ‘5 Real-life Winter Wonderlands‘. Interestingly, the first four were all places in the States but the fifth turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
Ah, memories.
I remember we flew over an hour north from Helsinki and landed at ‘The Official Airport of Santa Claus‘ in Rovaniemi. Apart from Ole St Nick, we were also there to cross the Arctic Circle…which we did with gusto!
Thing was the plane we rode on already did that for us, so this was all purely symbolic. (:
The main draw of course was to see the jolly man himself. Thank goodness he was in.
It all still brings a smile every time I think about it. Thanks again, Anthony, for bringing me along to see Santa (:
I did also try to look for Rudolph and the others but they were nowhere to be found. Wonder why?

2 thoughts on “SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE | Rovaniemi

  1. What a great way to start my morning. St. Petersburg can wait. St. Nicholas was a much better deal. Thirteen days to go before Christmas, my friend. We are never too old to whisper a small Christmas wish. Thanks for the gift of friendship, and here's looking forward to more travels together.


  2. LOL!!! Di hamak panalo nga si St Nicholas
    Naman! Our trips are definitely the highlight of my year. Thanks to you for all your generosity and for being the same Anthony since college (albeit with Prada and LV!).


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