Who would have guessed there’d be a mummy in this city??
I’d always thought of Amsterdam as more of a Golden Age kind of town but it looks like it also has a foot in antiquity. Got to see an impressive collection of (plundered?) treasures from ancient Egypt, Greece, Italy, and more at the Allard Pierson Museum. This was a death mask if I remember correctly. 


And here’s the mummy. Always get the creeps looking at one, more so if it’s displayed outside its coffin like this. I keep waiting for it to start wiggling. I blame my overactive imagination. Still it’s always amazing to think there’s actually a person in there.  


The building itself wasn’t much to look at but what’s inside more than made up for it. I’ve always thought stuff like these should be returned to where they came from but I suppose in this global community we live in it shouldn’t really matter that much. I still remember visiting Egypt, Italy, and Greece, and despite the culture overload, I felt extremely lucky to have been able to see and learn firsthand about these fascinating times in our history. Always good to see more.

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