No Luck From This Irish

A triumph of form over substance.
We happened to be walking around the vicinity of the Rokin on our way to see someone about a mummy when we decided to stop somewhere to grab lunch. From the outside, The Tara looked like a normal Irish pub but inside it looked like a color-blind interior designer’s dream. It certainly wasn’t boring.

It looked so out of place with the Irish pub theme. I ordered the burger – as usual – which at €17.00 was highway robbery. A Big Tasty from McDonald’s was actually better. The meat was so processed it tasted fake. The fries were passably edible. What I would have given for an honest-to-goodness Five Guys burger.

Surprisingly, they had panna cotta in their dessert menu. I was suddenly reminded of the ones we had in Greece which were incredible. This one tasted good (thank god) but I couldn’t say much for presentation. It’s like they tried to cover the misshapen cream by throwing chocolate and crackling over it. Just another day in the culinary haven that is Amsterdam.

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