Tassenmuseum Amsterdam

For some unknown reason someone felt extremely uncomfortable being at the Bag Museum. I wanted to go because I kept passing it during my afternoon walk-breaks from work and was curious what was inside. I dragged my partner there anyway — and he made it through for the whole ten minutes we were there.

If I were a bag, I would want to be in this museum. Three floors of bags – so many purses, so little time.
There were old bags…

…and leather bags…

…and Asian bags…

…and novelty bags…

…and even bags for sale.

I tried looking for a Birkin but either I missed it or it wasn’t there. Not surprising as those things cost a fortune. Was nice to visit and maybe I’ll go back, but my partner would rather have his teeth pulled out than be seen in this place. Guess someone won’t be getting a bag this Christmas.

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