Right after our tragic experience at Cafe Loetje, we wandered in the direction of Museum Square and thought we’d go for dessert before calling it a night. We ended up in the canteen-like environs of the Stedelijk Museum restaurant where the service was a tad bit better. Just a tad. It wasn’t crowded but the waitstaff still took their time to come our way.

When we were able to get their attention, my partner went for the dessert plate which had a slice of chocolate pie (which looked like cake to me), vanilla ice cream, two scoops of chocolate mousse, and sliced strawberry.

There are actually some very good dessert shops in Amsterdam which makes me wonder why a lot of restaurants can’t seem to offer anything more interesting than the generic pie, ice cream, etc. The only thing that caught my eye in their dessert menu were macarons. Got a couple of pistachios, raspberry, mocha, and chocolate. Together with a cup of cappuccino, it all was quite good. Afterwards, we walked around the scenic neighborhood a bit more and then headed home. Experience learned, mission accomplished.


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