Justice Delayed

How in the world does a court case drag on for 21 YEARS?!?

According to this news report in the Philippine Inquirer:
The Supreme Court has finally resolved a 21-year-old suit filed against Philippine Airlines (PAL) and a travel agency (Rainbow Tours) by three Chinese-Filipino traders who missed two business deals in Hong Kong after being bumped off their flight to the Chinese territory.
In an Oct. 17 decision, the Supreme Court’s Third Division denied PAL’s plea to reverse a 2005 Court of Appeals ruling that awarded damages and payment of attorney’s fees to Francisco Lao Lim, Manuel Limtong, and the heirs of the late Henry Go, all of Cebu City.
A regional trial court found the 344-seat flight was overbooked by 44 seats. Both the RTC and the Court of Appeals noted that PAL and Rainbow Tours officers had agreed not to tell the traders that their confirmed bookings for the Manila-Hong Kong leg had been erroneously cancelled and that the flight was on critical status due to the overbooking of passengers.
The report says that one of the plaintiffs had already passed away. My god, after two decades of waiting I’m surprised not all of them are dead! Hate to say this is not the first time I’ve read about cases taking DECADES to resolve. Absolutely shameful and a SUPREME embarrassment for any country’s so-called justice system. Great job, Philippines.

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