If even the Vatican finds the time to endorse a movie then there must really be something to it!

I love going to the movies. There’s something about sitting 20 feet in front of a very large screen, with amazing surround sound and the clearest digital, preferably with fresh, buttered popcorn. It’s infinitely more emotional compared to sitting at home and watching something on TV, even more so on a computer. When I was still in the States, whatever Hollywood was selling, I’d almost always lap up. Sadly, that all changed when I moved here.
The first and last time time my partner and I went to a movie was on a rainy night in Rotterdam — in 2010. We saw Wall Street 2. Not the most cultural of films but it was the only movie that interested both of us at the time, and that’s saying a lot. While I can watch practically any movie, my partner avoids the movie theaters like the plague. He says he can never sit still for long and always loses interest quickly. His disinterest in movies made me very sad given my affinity for it. So imagine my genuine surprise when he himself suggested last night that we see a movie.
He suggested we see the new James Bond movie, and that we see it at the Tuschinski. After a few back and forths, we decided on a Friday night movie date.


Have never been inside the Tuschinski even if I passed it everyday to work. It was an art deco building that tourists almost always stop to look at or take photos of.
Once inside I’d never seen anything like it.

It was like being transported back to the 1920s! This is where most red carpet premieres are held in the Netherlands and I felt somewhat underdressed for the occasion. We got there with just enough time to get some drinks and munchies before sitting in our plush, red velvet chairs in the VIP balcony section. For €14.50 per person, we’d better be! The price came with a drink and snack — interestingly they serve wine and Grolsch beer but sadly no hot, buttered popcorn. Oh, well. Good thing we booked the tickets ahead of time as we would never have gotten in.  

A quick two and a half hours later it was over. Apart from the inappropriate canoodling from the couple next to me, if one had to go to the movies this would be a beautiful way to do it. Skyfall was terrific in all the right places though I would have preferred a typically-James-Bond ending. I’d have to agree it’s the best Bond movie ever.
As for the Tuschinski, it is one beautiful movie theater – hopefully I can see it again sometime soon. Les Miz maybe?!? (:


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