Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Thank god for my Museumcard. Given the frequently gloomy, dreary weather here, there isn’t much to do on the weekends except stuff indoors. Thankfully, there are a good number of museums to keep it interesting.

There was a time last weekend when we passed by the recently opened wing of the Stedelijk and the line was like this…

It was as long as the building itself. Despite my lack of love for modern and contemporary art, this certainly piqued my interest so rain or shine I made a plan to go early this weekend to see what the fuss was about. Loved it when we got there and it was like this…

Barely a soul in sight – we got in just like that.
Was surprised to find works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, etc in the displays. Only then did I realize Impressionism fell under modern art.

This happens to be a Picasso which I’m sure is worth millions upon millions. If I was into painting and used my left hand, it would definitely look like that. I have to give him props for being ahead of his time with that smiley face he painted on the top left. I’m sure that’s his way of saying ‘GOTCHA!’.

Look at all the pretty colors! To this day I don’t understand why Jackson Pollock is as popular as he is – this looks like absolute crap to me.

This was pretty, much like a design for a shower curtain. This was by Henri Matisse.

I wonder what the art critic thinks about Mondrian.

And this is where my problem with modern and postmodern art reaches its peak, referring of course to the ‘weird ones’, stuff I could not wrap my head around like this display with two trash cans and four lava lamps. Is there a hidden cosmic meaning to this?

A bunch of tin and plastic containers stacked on the floor.

Series of envelopes each with six stamps and three postmarks.

Someone’s outdoor garden replicated. Intriguing.

I enjoyed my time here today but in any other situation I could also have left feeling annoyed and confused. I can’t and will probably never understand how something as ugly as that Picasso portrait can be construed as a valuable work of art. It brings to question what art should be, which I’ve always believed should be beautiful, rare, and uplifting. If there’s one thing this museum proved is that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Because literally, one man’s art is another man’s garbage can.

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