KERMIS DAM SQUARE 2012 | Amsterdam

It’s that time of year again and Kermis is back in town! Kermis is a mini-amusement park squeezed into that tiny space that is Dam Square right in the center of Amsterdam. The word itself is a mash-up of kerk which means church and mis which means mass. Nowadays the religious aspect has long gone.

One week short of a year ago today we went to the same event and got very lucky with the weather – it was gorgeous. Better yet the place wasn’t that crowded. So glad I took pictures last year as I don’t think the weekends from now on are going to be any better.

There were the usual games of chance where one could win prizes, pretty much like in any carnival. I’m suddenly reminded of the ones I went to when I was still in the Philippines – Big Bang sa Alabang in the south of the city and Payanig sa Pasig in the north. I don’t know what kind of safety measures they had in place back then but I’m almost sure my life was in danger pretty much every time I rode something.

And there was a ferris wheel!
This got me excited as I hadn’t ridden these in a long time. We got to see a bird’s eye view of the city on this pretty day though I thought someone wasn’t enjoying it as much as I did.  

They had a version of the Haunted House which I didn’t care much for. Why anyone would get entertained by being scared is beyond me! It looked nice on the outside though.

How they were able to cram all those rides in one square block is a feat in itself. Not a single area left to waste. Locating in the city center was a brilliant idea money-wise for sure, I just didn’t think anyone would actually give them a permit.

Another game of ‘Find My Partner’. He’s in here somewhere.  


What an amazing time that was. Certainly brought back the best memories when I was a kid. And the best part of it all — it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (:


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