Rating: 4 out of 5.

When I lived in DC I would always walk over to or get home delivery from Thaitanic. Despite the cheesy name, the food was quite good for its price point, and was literally around the corner from my flat. The simpler dishes like Pad Thai were quite ordinary but the more complicated ones I found really good. It was always my go-to place if I needed something quick and tasty.

Over here in Amsterdam it took a while for me to find my Thaitanic. Given how terrible regular food can be here it was a revelation to find a restaurant, much more a Cantonese restaurant, that was both affordable and more so accessible. Luckily I did. Enter Royal City.

I would usually just order take-away but this time I had a friend from out of town who wanted to eat in. As much as I liked the food, the decor was a time warp back to the 80s, including their computer that looked like a Commodore. They certainly got their money’s worth for this – amazed that it’s still working.


Skipping my usual wine or cola, I went for the Chinese tea this time and it was perfect given the nasty, rainy weather. Was a bit surprised at the heavy teaware. Pretty though.


My favorite. It’s called For Nam over here but it’s better known as pan-roasted pork, or Lechon Kawali. Love love love it. Each bite probably shaves an hour off my lifespan but I order it each time and so far haven’t grown tired of it. Absolutely perfect with steamed white rice.


The best comfort food is cheap and satisfying, and comfortably convenient. This never fails to fit the bill. Total cost €18.50. Still a lot but well worth it.


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