There are tons of tourists in Amsterdam for one reason or another. There’s the seasonal tulips, the iconic windmills, and then there’s Mary Jane.
Finally got to go inside one of the cannabis seed stores and found myself intriguingly ambivalent. Felt like a country bumpkin on his first trip to the big city, and strange to be engaging commerce over something that’s been denigrated and demonized in life and in film. The conservative me feels squeamish even being within sniffing distance of these stores, yet the liberal me thinks that if these places have been around as long as they have and the fabric of society hasn’t disintegrated at all then they surely can’t be all that evil. 


What’s your poison? Amazed at the many different types of marijuana plants. And they’re not cheap. 


Definitely not your grandmother’s Chia pet!  


Naturally there are organizations that accredit such places. One has to be sure to buy only the good stuff.


The Netherlands certainly cornered the market for this – not counting medical marijuana stores in the U.S., just off the top of my head I can’t think of any other country that deals in this trade as much. Certainly none in religion-choked Philippines (or any other country I’ve visited).
There’s ongoing legislation though limiting cannabis sales just to Dutchies which I think won’t work, there’s just too much at stake money-wise. And when all is said and done, it’s not so much about the pros and cons of drug use as much as it is about the bottom line. We’ll just have to see when the smoke clears.

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