The Power of Music(als)

For me the greatest thing about New York — Broadway. When I still lived in DC there was a time when I would do trips just to see a musical. I remember being disappointed by Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in The Producers because they didn’t sing like on the CD. Those were the days. Ten years ago when the Kennedy Center in DC came out with a Stephen Sondheim Celebration series I made sure to see as many as I could. I remember being moved by Judy Kuhn’s Fosca in Passion. The last play I saw was probably four years ago in London where we saw Billy Elliott. I’d seen the movie but wasn’t inclined to see the play. I went in not expecting much and came out amazed.
Audra McDonald. Idina Menzel. Raul Esparza. Theatre can be so inspiring at times.
Over here in Amsterdam, musicals are playing and touring all the time, it seems the Dutch love them. Even now Wicked is showing. Just before that there was Miss Saigon. I even dared audition for Miss Saigon and got a call back. I sang Stars from Les Miz. Nervously but good enough apparently. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hack the dancing part.
I would absolutely love to see Wicked if not for one fact. It’s in Dutch. As are ALL the musicals that play here.
Easily one of my favorite shows, Sondheim or otherwise, is Company. What I would give to see a Stephen Sondheim play live. In English please.

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