KINNAREE | Amsterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Oh my god, why do I still get lost in this city. It keeps things interesting but it’s so exasperating to keep walking around just to look for somewhere to eat. Good news is I FINALLY found a really good Thai place in this city!I heard about this from a co-worker who raved about the food and the service. I made a call for reservations that same evening and when we got there they gave us the corner window seat — sweet!

I love it whenever a restaurant sets out an amuse-bouche as a starter. Whether it’s good or bad I always think better of the food (maybe because it’s free). The kitchen gave us something of a coconut mix with ginger, onions and a peanut on a betel leaf. We were meant to roll and bite. I liked it. Unfortunately, my not-so-adventurous partner thought otherwise.

We ordered one of the set menus and ended up getting a ton of food starting with a trio of appetizers – their versions of chicken wings, wontons, and spring rolls.


Then came the fried fish filet, fried veggies, and the spicy green curry chicken. There were also bowls of fried rice and steamed rice – it was all amazingly good. I hate to say it but we didn’t get to finish everything. I hate wasting food! 


And as much as I would have wanted sticky rice with mango for dessert, the fried ice cream was delicious – and the first time I’d ever had one. 


Apparently, there are two Thai chefs in the kitchen which mostly justifies the reviews I’d read about. The service was exemplary for Dutch standards so much so it reminded me of the States. At one point when my partner casually mentioned the curry was too spicy for his taste, they automatically took it back, tweaked it and offered it back to us – no questions asked and with all smiles.
I only wish the concept of the doggie bag existed here – I would’ve loved to bring the extra food back home. It seems the Dutch consider doggie bags ‘gauche‘.
Yet another place to add to my list of favorites. It’s about Thai!


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