My partner had the inspired idea to go to the library…to eat. He read about a restaurant on the top floor of the Amsterdam Public Library which had a great view of the skyline so off we went. I can’t even remember the last time I was in a library. I do recall taking the effort to get a card at the Library of Congress in DC just for the heck of it. After going through all the bureaucratic hoops all I did was go into the big room (now wishing I took a picture), looked around like a hillbilly pretending I wasn’t awe-struck, then left and never returned. I hope I still have the card somewhere.

This is hands down the best-looking library, public or otherwise, that I’ve seen so far. It’s incredible how much design is part of normal Dutch life. Little bit envious about that.And what’s even more incredible? The skyline view.   The restaurant turned out to be a disappointment (not surprisingly) but at least we got to see one impressive building and yet another look into what life is like when government works. Wish the taxes were lower though.

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