NEW KING | Amsterdam

Slowly but surely Amsterdam restaurants are starting to grow on me. Have rediscovered New King, a Cantonese place in Chinatown (which is more China-alley to be honest). I ate here years ago when I was living in Rotterdam and I still remember how it felt when I saw the prices. Highway robbery. But this country being what it is, if you can’t change the world, change the way you look at it.
Having gone to Rembrandthuis earlier, I suddenly remembered New King was close by so off we went for a nice Saturday lunch.

How I miss dimsum. As in serious, honest-to-goodness, really well-done dimsum. I now only have vague memories of steamed pork buns and rude Chinese women with rolling carts. The best dimsum I remember having was in New York’s Chinatown and that was so long ago it’s almost like it never happened. When I saw they had a dimsum sampler as an appetizer, I just had to have it.


They didn’t have pork buns but the sampler was pretty good. The bamboo steamer was a nice touch though they could have worked a bit more on the presentation.We also got the roast duck which (and I can’t state this enough) went perfectly with the steamed rice. Really good.


Lucky us, we were only the second table to come in for lunch so we got served pretty quickly. The place filled up not long after, and with mostly Asians at that. Always a sign of a good Chinese resto. So glad I have a growing list of places I can take visiting friends to – finally feels more and more like home.


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