Dutch Houses | Rembrandthuis

I remember visiting here sometime in my first year and not really appreciating it as much. Seems a little bit of aging is good for the system.
Rembrandthuis is where Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn lived for almost 20 years in the mid-1600s and shows him at his artistic and financial peak. The house itself was built early in that century and along with many other of houses from that period have been famously preserved. The three-storey walk-up at that time was priced at the gigantic amount of 13,000 guilders.

Now let’s play ‘Find my partner’…

Funny how that guy in a costume hammed it up when I started taking a photo.
Sadly, Rembrandt developed cash problems and ended up losing his house. It went through its ups and downs over the centuries but with money from the government, it got renovated and re-opened in 1911, thanks mainly to a famous former resident.
Tip of the hat to you, Rembrandt.

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