In the States, whenever we would go have breakfast at McDonald’s, it would look something like these. That’s the power of the American economic system at work.
This is what a McDonald’s breakfast looks like over here.

And what makes it worse is how much it costs — the breakfast menu is €6.80. That’s nearly US$9.00. For a McMuffin, a gulp of juice, a croissant and jam.

We were in the city center because my partner wanted to have Mickey D’s for breakfast and also to go see someone about a lamp for the living room. No better place for that than the Bijenkorf.

Right across from the Bijenkorf was the Queen’s official abode, looking good with all the shiny, gilded unicorns. Suddenly reminded of the Parthenon now.

And then on the way home, we took the tram from the nearly-renovated Amsterdam Centraal station, also looking beautiful in the early afternoon sun.
Turned out to be a great Saturday – sunny, mid-teen temp. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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